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LFG-8040 Vertical Gear Profile Grinding Machine
An ideal combination of accuracy and favorable price

As business and marketing build with information technology(IT) ,the new materials for gear profile grinder engineering coming have no boundary.
The new technology
  • new machine controls integral with industrial personal computer.
  • direct driven torque motor.
  • motor build-in spindle ,etc.

guarantee Luren gear profile grinding machine LFG-8040 to achieve the highest accuracy and favorable price which can be hardly by using technology of years past.

As a gear supplier expect to produce high precision gears even have no well trained technician and engineer. Luren respond customer request and accept this challenge, we developed unique dialog software for supporting the entire machining process.

Operator input the required technical data step by step on windows based user oriented interface, programming training is not necessary because all the grinding process’s NC program are generated automatically.

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